Trakya University
Uzunköprü School of Applied Sciences
Uzunköprü School of Applied Sciences were founded in 2012 including four departments, which are Banking and Insurance, Business Information Management, Accounting, Public Relations and Advertising, Computer Technologies and Informatics, and International Trade. The first department who accepted students was Banking and Insurance in 2012-2013, which was followed by Business Information Management in 2014-2015 academic year and Accounting in 2015-2016. The number of students is 684 and there are 13 academic and 5 administrative staff. The building has 12 classrooms, a computer lab, a language lab, a conference hall, library, cafe, dining hall, soccer, volleyball and basketball courts. Our mission is to help students gain a productive and innovative perspective and have the necessary skills required in the global world with a vision of being a more recognized and preferable college. The Department of Banking and Insurance aims to help students become equipped with both theoretical and pratical knowledge of banking and finance. With Istanbul becoming a center of finance, graduates of Department of Banking and Insurance have the chance of working in banking and insurance institutions in positions ranging from junior bank jobs to senior executives. The Department of Accounting aims to train students to help them become experts of accounting in line with the increasing demands of accounting and audit operations in the globalizing world. As accounting helps corporations better understand the business and the auditing processes with the financial statements, the goal of the department is to get students learn the topics, such as cost accounting, corporate accounting and financial analysis as prospective accountants and auditors. In addition to public institutions, students of Accounting may work in corporations as there is an emergent need for more accountants because of the increasing industrialization in Trakya Region. They can also be employed as public accountants or financial consultants. The Department of Business Information Management was established as a response to the increasing competition in the global world with customer need changing rapidly in order to help business enterprises use information effectively as a source of production. The aim of the department is to help students get to know business management and informatics and use them in an effective way. The goal is to train students to gain a multidirectional perspective and effective communication skills to be able to work in enterprises where business management and informatics are integrated. The main goal of the Departments of Banking and Insurance, Business Information Management and Accounting is to help students develop critical thinking, problem solving and analytical thinking skills and familiarize them with current global developments and trends. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students will be able to develop a practical perspective as they are supposed to serve their internship until graduation. During the freshman year students, students take management, economics, law, accounting courses related to the sector while the rest of the courses help them gain a social and technological understanding. In addition to the compulsory courses, they can take the elective courses they want and may specialize in a certain subject. Also, their participation in social and scientific events are encouraged and they may attend to studentt-led national and international conferences.
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